Brandon, VT

Welcome to Brandon’s Gateways to Adventure!

Brandon, Vermont offers many activities for visitors and residents alike. Located in an area rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage, Brandon offers a wide variety of adventures in a classic New England setting.

In 2015 a committed group of citizens embarked on an effort to identify the best that Brandon has to offer to those who wish to explore the many riches of our area. In 2016, after a year of collective volunteer effort, the Brandon Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to present Brandon’s Gateways to Adventure!

Brandon has long been known as being Unhurried, Unspoiled, and Unforgettable. Building on these themes, our eight Gateways to Adventure reflect those sentiments:




Each of Brandon’s Gateways has its own page here on our website with information to get you started on your adventure. There are also written guides for each gateway, which may be printed out here or obtained free of charge at the Stephen A. Douglas Museum and Visitor Center, at our Town Office, and at selected Inns around town. Some guides have maps included, while others are supported by supplementary maps at the Visitor Center.  So delve into the website, grab some guides, and get out there to explore our town and its surrounding landscape.

Thank you to the Brandon Gateways Sponsors

It was only through the hard work, dedication, and generous donation of time and talent that the Brandon Gateways to Adventure program was made possible. Once again, the people of Brandon have proven themselves to be a caring group whose volunteer spirit shines through. We thank all who participated in the project at every level.

The Gateways project arose in early 2015 during a series of “Brandon Barn Raising” community gatherings, and we thank the organizers of that effort, Robert Black, Jeff Guevin, Jeff Stewart, and the Brandon Area Chamber of Commerce for bringing us together and urging us into action.

Original Project Conception of Printed Guides:

Bernie Carr
Elizabeth Gregorek
Gary Meffe

Steering Committee:

Judy Bunde
James Leary
Gary Meffe (Chair)
Bill Moore
Rebecca Zelis

Authors of Gateway Guides:

Architecture - Blaine Cliver
The Arts - Edna Sutton and Dennis Marden
Birding - Sue Wetmore
Biking, Street - Seth Hopkins
Biking, Mountain - Angus Chaney
Brandon Homespun - Sam Stone
Hiking, Nature - Jim Leary
Hiking and Running in Town - Liz Gregorek
History - Kevin Thornton
Skiing, Backcountry - George Fjeld
Skiing, Cross Country - Bob Clark

Others Who Contributed in Various Ways:

Karl Fjeld
Brian Jerome
Warren and Lorraine Kimble
Sarah and Louis Pattis
Donna Taylor

Printed Guides Design:

Courtney Satz

Website Design and Production:

Mark Zelis